Toolbar Menu screenshot Toolbar Menu The dotBookmarks view is the same one that you are used to seeing every day when you are browsing the Internet. It is organized in a tree structure, with folders and bookmarks, and it looks like a regular feature of your browser.
Add Bookmark screenshot Add Bookmark If you find an interesting WEB-site you can add its address to your bookmarks very easily. Add the Description to explain what the site is about.
Organize Bookmark screenshot Organize Bookmark You can move the bookmarks and folders, and change the order by dragging and dropping the items. The data will be "magically" synchronized on all computers and open with your browsers, when you finish organizing.
Import Bookmarks screenshot Import Bookmarks You will not lose your Firefox Bookmarks or Internet Explorer Favorites when you start using dotBookmark. It is very simple to import your data from every computer that you want. Each time, when you import, the data will be added to your existing bookmarks on our server.
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